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Roller ring-DSC_0029

Cemented carbide roll has been used in various fields of metal plastic processing. From non-ferrous metals to steel, from hot-rolled wire rod, pipe to cold-rolled foil, rebar and so on, cemented carbide roll is used. China has been able to produce from φ 8~ φ There are dozens of kinds and specifications of 300 mm cemented carbide rolls.

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Yantai Dongxing industry (chemical composition and physical and mechanical properties)
chemical composition
Bending strength
Compressive strength
Grain size
WC Co+Ni+Cr
F3640 90 10 14.7 87.0  2200 3400 1.6-3.2
F3660 85 15 14.1 85.5  2300 3500 2.0-3.2
F3670 82 18 13.7 84.5  2350 3500 2.0-3.2
F3675 80 20 13.6 83.5  2400 3400 2.0-3.2
F3680 77 23 13.3  82.0  2400 3300 2.0-4.0
F3680A 77 纯Co  23 13.3  82.0  2400 3300 2.0-4.0
F3625N 94 6 15.1 87.0  2350 3500 2.0-6.0
Note: the content of WC is the proportion of feeding, the actual content, hardness and density of finished products may fluctuate about 2%.

Quality assurance

1.Ensure the machining accuracy of the roller ring and fully meet the requirements of the drawing.

2.Ensure the internal quality of the roll ring, and 100% of the roll ring shall be subject to nondestructive testing; the marking of the roller ring shall comply with the regulations of your company and avoid factors affecting the dynamic balance.

3.Ensure the long-term stability of the quality of the roller ring, and there are no internal quality defects such as holes, sand holes, cracks, inclusions, etc. under the normal use conditions, the roller ring will not appear the phenomenon of falling meat and cracking.

4.Ensure the consistency of the application effect of the supplied roller ring within the effective working roll diameter, and the quality assurance period of the roller ring is the effective working roll diameter period of the roll ring.

5.In the normal use of the roll ring, our company will compensate the new roll ring for the broken roll caused by the production and manufacturing of the roll ring after the confirmation of both parties in time.


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