Carbide thread roll ring

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Carbide thread roll ring

Cemented carbide roll ring is a kind of tool material with high hardness and good wear resistance. Hardness and wear resistance are derived from tungsten carbide, while toughness and strength depend on bonding metal. To make the hard roll ring fully play its advantages of high wear resistance, long life and high efficiency in high speed wire rolling, high-speed wire rod manufacturers should pay attention to and deal with them carefully when purchasing and using hard alloy roller rings.

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Yantai Dongxing industry (chemical composition and physical and mechanical properties)
chemical composition
Bending strength
Compressive strength
Grain size
WC Co+Ni+Cr
F3640 90 10 14.7 87.0  2200 3400 1.6-3.2
F3660 85 15 14.1 85.5  2300 3500 2.0-3.2
F3670 82 18 13.7 84.5  2350 3500 2.0-3.2
F3675 80 20 13.6 83.5  2400 3400 2.0-3.2
F3680 77 23 13.3  82.0  2400 3300 2.0-4.0
F3680A 77 纯Co  23 13.3  82.0  2400 3300 2.0-4.0
F3625N 94 6 15.1 87.0  2350 3500 2.0-6.0
Note: the content of WC is the proportion of feeding, the actual content, hardness and density of finished products may fluctuate about 2%.

Service commitment

1.In view of the wide market of Morgan 5-generation technology rolling mill, our company has equipped with roll ring finished product warehouse of corresponding specifications and models, with more than 30 pieces of blank reserved for each specification, which can respond to the urgent purchase of customers, and the emergency parts with small demand can be supplied within 15 days. At the same time, there are more than 5 kinds of transition roll rings of 8-inch and 6-inch, which can meet the normal rolling requirements of your high-speed wire workshop to the maximum extent.

2.Give full play to our company's advantages in the number of suppliers, quality and experience of roller rings in imported rolling mill production line (Morgan 6 generation line, Danieli double module unit) and domestic Morgan 5 generation rolling mill, we can realize the adjustment and supply of roll ring products of the same type and material, and ensure the production demand of your high-speed wire workshop in the shortest time.

3.During the on-line use of our company's roller rings, we will conduct quality tracking to further improve the product quality. We will give a definite and responsible reply to the quality problems of the roller rings within 12 hours. If necessary, technical personnel can arrive at the site within 24-48 hours to assist in handling relevant problems.

4.Strengthen technical exchange and cooperation in cemented carbide field with your company.

5.Free training for operators of roller ring slotting grinder can be provided.

Specific scheme: organize grinding machine operators of high-speed wire rod workshop of your company to train in our production workshop, and meet the operation requirements of slotting equipment in a short time. If necessary, we can use our slotting equipment for small quantity of emergency roll rings for your company free of charge.

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